While the basic rules of RP apply here, please remember the golden rule to all things: treat others the way you would like to be treated. IC and OOC should always be kept separate. If you see something and need help in any way, please do not hesitate to come to us. A deleted application means you were rejected. Nevertheless, we want an exciting and fun environment that focuses on character development and it definitely helps if we all work together!

JOURNALS. Usernames may be in and/or out of character, but should always relate to your character in some way. No underscores and numbers allowed. If recycling a journal, please make sure it is cleared out of all entries, past friends and even communities.

PLAYED-BYS. PBs should always be over the age of eighteen and look the part of your character. While we realize many of the Sailor Scouts are still high schoolers (starting off at the age of fourteen and bumping up to sixteen), we urge everyone to use their best judgement when picking out their pbs. To narrow it down more specifically: please make sure your pbs are in their early/mid 20's to early 30's at the latest. GENDERS SHOULD BE BASED ON THE MANGA'S COUNTERPARTS INSTEAD OF THE ANIME. This being said, while Sailor Moon is based in Japan and the characters are Japanese, we are placing them in a fictional town in France instead as a revamp of the new, awakened scouts. Think of this as similar to how characters in ~Lineart appear; this is an AU, so pbs are not restricted to Asians only. However, we do love and strongly encourage diversity! Again, please use your best judgement!

CHARACTER LIMITS. The character limit is currently 2 per person. There is a high possibility that this will be subject to change at a later time.

OFF-LIMIT CHARACTERS. Black Lady and Mistress 9 as of this moment.

SCREENED POST. Please set up a screened post for contact.

EXAMPLES. Please submit at least least two scenes & two narratives. Please do not PM us your examples.

We reserve the right to not respond to inquiries about why an application was rejected.

~Bishojo's activity cycle starts on the first of each month. However, anyone added after the 15th will only be required to post their introduction.

Our activity requirements for each activity cycle are as follows:

1 RANDOM POST: Instagram, gif parties, lyrics, etc.
1 SUBSTANTIAL POST: First-person entry, introduction, narrative, scene.

If you are a returning member and were removed for inactivity or failure to drop off activity links, note that you will need a written update in your journal within the last month to reapply. Please include this link in your application in lieu of examples.