Jamison jokes about dying. He shuts himself out from the world and takes up occupancy in his bedroom like a bad toothache, and when he finally feels up to socializing again (which is hardly ever these days because despite the weather being significantly warmer than that of Boston’s, he has seasonal depression), he rears his ugly head and jokes about how he’s died for the millionth time. It’s annoying and it’s pathetic, and he knows these things all too well; he makes himself cringe and he gets pissy about it too because he knows how it makes him sound. A whiny little bitch. But perhaps the worst thing about his self-deprecation is that it makes Jason despise him more. All of that is probably because he really has died before and it’s obviously no joking matter, but still … Jamison can’t help but find it a tad bit too ironic.

It’s been over a year now where these shifts seem to come and go, and he’s got the pre-warning signs down pat and sequence of events figured out for the most part. The calendar on his phone alerts him of the dates and he’s picked up that it usually occurs every mid-month. He still can’t find the rhyme or reason behind the phenomena, but he does know that Jason wants to come out and play – or rather make his life more miserable instead. (Again,) Ironically enough, it makes Jamison want to die for real. He has dealt with enough in this lifetime to have to take on Jason Todd’s, but Jason Todd is a fighter and he never hesitates to let Jamison know that either. Jamison’s gotten used to the constant tug-of-war between bodies, feelings, memories – but it doesn’t make it any less of a nuisance. Jamison’s feelings mean zilch to Jason though and over and over again, Jason has no problem letting Jamison know of that.

“Sorry for the late reply, I kind of fell off the face of the planet.” It’s a common message now, or at least it is coming from Jamison. Jason’s eyes scan over the white font, and he shrugs his shoulders with very minimal interest. It isn’t until he stumbles across the text where Jamison claims he’s died and been resurrected again, that makes Jason scoff with unbiased disgust. Jason can mock Jamison but it’s more of a How dare you mock me? when it’s the other way around and Jamison tries to mock Jason in return, and it’s hypocritical to say the least but it still happens time and time again. It’s really no wonder why it feels like someone’s just lit a match underneath Jason’s ass – a quiet groan escaping him as he narrows his eyes and continues to stare at the messages and exchange between Jamison and a random friend. “It’s okay. I’ve been dead to the world too,” they’ve replied back. If he’s in a bad mood and just lost a fight, Jamison will tell Jason that he’s being too overdramatic over his reaction, but Jason has anger issues and Jamison figures there’s no comment necessary as he feels his hand toss the cellphone halfway across the room just to hear it smash to the ground in copious amounts of pieces. “What the fuck?” Jamison finally retorts, expecting anything but silence from the other. He’s had enough audacity to break Jamison’s phone, so it’s only fair that Jamison demand an answer as to why it was necessary to do such a thing.

“Dude, I hate walking on eggshells with you,” Jamison sighs in defeat after some time. “Then stop pushing me to the fucking edge,” and a terrible headache is all he gets in return.