Jamison turned his wrist and glanced at the time on his watch, scowling lightly. 11:55. Five minutes until the new year and he couldn’t bring himself to give a damn. Not like he ever could. There, in a crowded room, he felt alone and by himself – though he didn’t much mind. After all, he was used to it by now. He preferred being alone but there was a flutter and his breath hitched when the brunette joined him back at his side, her hip against his as he wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned in to give her cheek a small kiss. Jamison liked to be alone, except when she was here. She was the exception.

Coming out for the night had been her idea all along. If it was up to Jamison, they’d be cuddled up at his apartment or hers; he’d ring in the new year with a love-making session, just as soon as he’d have finished cooking them a nice, gourmet dinner. At this party, packed and unfamiliar, Jamison was surprised to know he was feeling … content. He didn’t mind getting roped into doing things with the people he cared for. If it made them happy, he was happy. And with Tabitha, he was at bliss. With Tabitha, he always wanted to make her as happy as she made him feel.

The two had been friends for some time, but something about her gave him solace. Maybe it was because she was unrelentless in pulling him out of his shell and didn’t give up on him when he was so desperately trying to give up on himself. She was a go-getter in every sense, and he respected that … he envied that, and he loved that about her. She had turned his life upside down, but for the better. Even when he was buried blankets deep and wanted to be dead to the world, she had somehow managed to get him to come out of hiding. Knowing he was well-cared for always seemed to make Jamison both afraid, but appreciative. He had other friends that would check up on him and that were honestly wonderful in every sense, but none had opened his heart like this like Tabitha had. He had been in a dark place, unaware of his own capabilities and hurt in his own pride. Vulnerable and angry, he felt himself impossible to be around.

Every now and then, life deals you a hand and it’s not complete utter shit. Jamison wasn’t exactly sure what he had done in his miserable life to warrant such an amazing person like Tabitha, but it had turned his perspective around. When it became official that the two were an “item,” he felt joyous and proud again; shocked at himself for allowing those feelings to resurface yet again. His M.O was to run away from his problems, shut the world out, and drown himself in his misery. Tabitha had taught him to grab life by the horns, wrestle that motherfucker to the ground and live to be happy. For that, he would always be grateful.

The voices of strangers all around them began to rise, indicating the 10 second mark until the new year. Time always flew by when he was with her … he felt crazy for wanting all the time in the world just to be at her side. But as the hand struck midnight and the shouting and laughter filled the air all around him, he pressed his lips against hers and felt, for only a moment, time stop altogether. And he knew he was meant to be here, with her.