She groans in a painstakingly dramatic way, her eyes pressing up and her head tipping back for more effect. “Go away,” Amisa scoffs to no one in particular — crossing one leg over the other as her elbows prop atop the desk she’s been occupying. “Go away, go away, go away!” She hisses threateningly, burying her face between palms and shaking her head thereafter. “That’s enough! I don’t want to hear it! Just shut the hell up and leave me alone. Why is that so hard for you? You’ve been at it all damn day, and I’m sick of it. I can hardly think. Shut up for five minutes. Please. Then maybe I’ll listen to what you have to say. Five minutes. Can you do that? Probably not because you’re selfish.” The idle, one-sided conversation is enough to earn her strange looks from the long-eared feline that weaves in and out from between her ankles.

“Not you, love” She finally reassures the serval after what seems like an eternity, allowing her hands to fall back to her lap and rest atop of her knees. As if to acknowledge her predicament, Iduna lets out a mewl and rubs her cheek against the back of Amisa’s heel. “Mummy’s going crazy, isn’t she?” Rolling her eyes at the sheer thought of losing her mind altogether, she cannot help but let out yet another groan. How could she not be dramatic? It was tug-of-war with the voice inside her head. “Thank God it’s just us two ladies tonight though, huh?” A small smile creeps on her face as she leans down to scoop up the kitten, cradling her against her chest like an infant. If Edirne had been here, Amisa wouldn’t know what she would’ve done. It was bad enough having to deal with a two-year-old on a regular basis, especially when her father was no longer in the picture — but having her around now when she was fighting with the person sharing the body with her? Now that was another chore in and of itself.

“You are so pathetic. Look at you! You’re acting like I’m the one inconveniencing you all this time as if it doesn’t pain me having to take the backseat and be second best.” … Although her lips were moving, and that voice was most definitely her own, it wasn’t. Looking at Iduna with arched brows, Amisa couldn’t help but lift a hand so that her index finger and thumb could outline her bottom lip. “What the fuck?” “Don’t curse at me. And don’t tell me I’m being selfish,” Enchantress would scoff, causing the fur on Iduna’s back to stick upright as she began to bare her fangs and hiss. It would be the first time that she’d ever done such a thing. Shocked over that fact, Amisa was silent up until Amora decided to chime in yet again. “How can I be the selfish one if I’m obviously giving you permission to share this body with me? I may not have a choice now, nor full control, but you will give that to me. You will do as a I say. In time.”

There was a moment of prolonged silence as Amisa tried to gather her thoughts together in attempt to reassure herself that she hadn’t been dreaming after all. Sleepless nights from having to take care of a two-year-old would do that to you — this wasn’t the first time she was mixing reality with fantasy. Eventually, however, she’d speak up again. “Is that a threat? Am I dreaming?” “No, darling. You aren’t dreaming, and you and I are on the same team. We’re in this together. I help you, you help me. And the sooner you realize that, the easier our lives will be.”