queen of thieves
full name florina "fifi" harding. comicverse persona black cat. date of birth + age march 20th, 1992 + 26. birthplace queens, ny. residence boston, ma. education boston u '10-15. occupation curator & ceo. status uninterested.
Florina Harding was born on the first day of spring in March, the twentieth to be exact, to a car salesman and architect mother. The two were wedded shortly after college and had conceived a son, whom they would go on to name Ben. Four years later, the couple decided they wanted another child and crossed their fingers for a daughter that would help tame the craziness that was stirring in the household. When Florina was born, Walt and Linda were thrilled to show Ben his new baby sister, but while the Harding’s were ecstatic over having a girl, they were quickly overwhelmed and taken aback from Florina’s presence. As it turned out, unfortunately for them, Florina was wilder than her brother.

From the moment her mother introduced her to the world of monkey-bars and seesaws, Florina was a whirlwind of mischief and drama. While kids would run around trying to avoid "cooties," Florina was always the one running about, trying to pass them around instead. Despite the rebellion that infested in her from her playground years, Florina was just another ordinary girl. It was, perhaps, one of the reasons why so many people liked her. Unlike her older brother, she was easily approachable and could befriend anyone without a moment’s notice. Of course, being the younger sibling had its advantages and disadvantages as well. Ben eventually mellowed out and became the quiet one, whereas Florina only continued to get more brash and outgoing. Despite their differences, the two siblings got along splendidly. However, as the years went on and she grew into a teenager, there was a very drastic change in their dynamics. Ben became more overprotective and overbearing as he watched his sister’s popularity blossom, as well as her physical appearance. It was enough to cause a drift between them, which would inevitably lead Ben down a very dark and destructive path.

Florina was already somewhat of a celebrity amongst her peers by the time she entered her freshmen year of high school, partly due to her mother’s success. And while she had no problems discussing her family life and boasting about her lavish lifestyle, Ben took a completely different approach and avoided any conversations that focused on the topic of relationships and wealth – something his sister would never understand. It was also something that landed him with a reputation of being cold and pretentious, which wasn’t half false. With Walter and Linda constantly working, the two siblings were left to fend for themselves. The lack of affection from their parents didn’t bother Florina so much, considering she was compensated by large sums of cash to do with as she pleased. The absence of their presence did seem to bother Ben more than he’d care to admit, however; that coupled with the fact that he had to assume the role of a parent himself and juggle his personal life with his school life. To deal with all the pressure, Ben took to a life of drugs that he hid well from his parents since they were hardly around anyways.

By the time Florina was sixteen, Ben had spiraled so far out of control that he had reached the point of no return. She was only in her spring semester of high school when the cops showed up, asking the Hardings to come down to the station to identify Ben’s body – the cause of death showing that he had overdosed. The death of her brother was enough to shamble the very foundation of the Harding household. It didn’t take long after that for Walt and Linda to split up, each of them blaming the other for what had become of their son and for what their son could’ve been. Linda was so distraught over the loss of her son that she eventually became uninterested in continuing her relationship with her daughter, deciding to dump her on to Walt instead. Walt, financially inferior, struggled while raising a teenage daughter, though he always remained her number one cheerleader and encouraged her to chase her dreams and not to let the past define her. Feeling guilty for everything that had transpired and seeing as how her father truly did care about her, especially with his recent efforts to support and make a living for them, Florina took to a life of petty crime. In an attempt to help her father pull in some money to pay the bills, she learned how to pickpocket unsuspecting victims without them knowing about it. It wasn’t much, but at the time, even that small of a contribution was enough. Eventually, Florina used stealing as a coping mechanism and began to rack up a reputation for herself.

By her senior year, word had spread like wildfire about her brother’s death and her parents’ divorce, and Florina’s so-called “friends” began to drop like flies. One by one, they showed her their true colors and the real reasons behind why they were hanging out with her. Before the divorce, she had always spoiled those who’d been close to her with expensive gifts and unexpected getaways, but now that her mother had left and taken all the money with her, Florina found herself surrounded by people who had only cared about her because of her status, generosity and materialistic things. Despite everything, she was still invited to social gatherings hosted by her peers, especially those who she cheerleaded and did gymnastics with, and would often use parties as a distraction to the traumatic events that had occurred to her and her home life. Immediately after graduation, she attended a party where she was date raped – which not only prompted her to take up martial arts classes for self-defense, but helped her change her mind from attending the Long Island Business Institute, a community college in her hometown, to attend Boston University. There, she could start all over and not have to worry about anyone knowing about her tragic past.

At Boston University, Florina decided to pursue a degree in engineering; hoping to follow in her mother’s footsteps, though she soon realized that she had a deeper appreciation for the arts. Remembering what her father had told her countless times before, she decided to go for it and applied for internships at many museums and galleries. By her senior year of college, she had grown to call Boston her home and was especially ecstatic when she heard her father was moving closer to her. A daddy’s girl at heart, she is finally in the right state of mind and putting the past behind her by working on establishing a gamedev startup – something she has always wanted to do.

black cat. Black Cat is a reformed burglar who continues to walk on the wild side as a detective and adventurer. She's the former girlfriend of Spider-Man, Flash Thompson, and the mercenary known as the Foreigner. (Read more here.)

comic parallels: First and last name have the same initials, with her last name practically being the same.

Both idolized their father.

Both excel in gymnastics and took up cheerleading in their "younger" days.

Like Felicia, Florina was raped (though this happened directly after her high school graduation and not her freshmen year of univeristy) and decided to take up various styles of martial arts as a form of self-defense.

Both graduated as art majors.

Both took to a life of petty crime and are experts at safe cracking, lock picking, stealing, and other tecnhiques of thieves.

Both seem to have (and suffer from) a case of "bad luck."

Florina's father is named Walt (short for Walter, like Felicia's) and her mother's name is Linda (close to Felicia's mother's name, Lydia.)

factuals. Is a slave to a stray cat she took in not too long ago named Cindy Clawford.

Despite how independent she may act, her biggest fear is that she'll wind up alone forever in the future. Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s known to be an extremely jealous and possessive girlfriend at times.

Has a very inventive imagination and is a lot smarter than she may look, because while she loves simplicity, she also loves building, inventing and just creating odd things that will be used to her advantage at some point or another.

She’s passionate about everything that she does, does everything that she sets her mind to, and is extremely gutsy to a fault. Because of this, she most recently founded a startup company for game developers (which she cleverly named, “Catastrophic Games”) and is in the process of designing her very own project.